You Can Find Anything at Walmart…Even Random Acts of Kindness 

Yesterday the three youngest Littles and I were on a mission. Somehow we were down to our last pull up, like the very last, how does that even happen? I know Eli could care less if he walked around in his own filth all day but momma was having no part of that. I loaded the Yukon up, took Elissa to catch the bus, and off we went. We had no time to spare. Shopping with three under three at 745 in the morning should be fun right?

The good thing about Walmart early in the morning is there are hardly any people there. The parking lot was somewhat empty, but so was the shopping cart return areas. I drove around until I saw a return with a few buggies and made my way down the aisle to park. Of course this row had the most cars so I had to park four spots away from the return. Not a big deal to most, but to a mom with three Littles it can be a nightmare. I pulled in and quickly made my way around my vehicle, the boys were already screaming. My guess, they thought mommy was going in the magicial toy filled Walmart without them. But who knows why they were crying. I yell back to them and say “One second mommy’s just getting a buggie” That’s when I notice the lady in the car beside ours, our first random act of kindness.  

She was loading her trunk with punkins of every size. As I ran back past her she smiled.  I go to open my car door as she moves to get in her car. We both slightly giggle and then I tell her to go ahead because it’s going to take me awhile.  She smiles and insist that I take my time because my “cargo” is more important. I start loading the kids in one by one. First Alex, then Eli. As the boys get out she greets them with a smile and says hello. The boys calm down now that they are in the buggie, they know they are going in life is good now. She makes small talk as I get baby girl out and I comment on how I really miss home on days I need to go shopping. She asked where home had been and I told her. She then tells me that she had moved here years ago from Welch WV.  Now the only person I have ever known to be from Welch WV is Steve Harvey, so I say “Welch, that’s where Steve Harvey is from neat” to which she replies “Oh I don’t know sweetie I don’t know anyone by that name.”  I smile,  I had assumed everyone knew Steve Harvey I mean come on its Steve.  Anyway she holds the buggie while I load baby girl in and even helped get the seat belt working. As I walked off she told me to enjoy my day and enjoy my babies because they are only little once. Her kind words made my crazy morning a little more bearable. She could have chosen to be nasty and rush me out of her way but instead she took a few minutes to let this momma know it’s all going to be okay. We just have to take the day one step at a time.

We get in Walmart first thing the boys see is the huge Halloween displays. The screaming starts. “I want this” “I want that” 30 seconds inside the store and everyone in the store knew we were there. The cries echo throughout the store as we move from one item on our list to the other.  What seemed to take forever in screaming toddler time actually took us an hour. And no I did not get everything on my list and yes I caved. As we walked back up front to check out we passed the Halloween aisles again.  Now I did not buy the countless toys or candy the boys had asked for, well screamed bloody murder for, but we would be needed costumes so why not go ahead. Besides it might calm them down enough to get them out of the store. By this point I am sure security was watching our every move on camera wondering why the boys were taking turns crying like a banshee.

Alex picked out a few different costumes: batman, spiderman, superman (for JR), and robin he is really into superheroes if you could not tell. Eli on the other hand did not see what he wanted so he settled for a teenage mutant ninja turtle gadget. All was well until the lady tried to ring their stuff up. The tears started falling again and I wanted to crawl under a rock.  She quickly scanned our items, not bagging half of them to please the children, and sent us on our way. I am sure when she signed up for the early shift she was not planning on dealing with screaming kids that early by the look on her face. Sorry sweetie I wasn’t planning on it either.

I tell her thank you and make my way out of the store with pull ups , costumes and kids in tow. We get to the car and as I am trying to get them in we encounter our second random act of kindness. As I load Alex into his seat a truck pulls in beside us. Because I am a very paranoid person I notice the man getting out. He is a larger fellow covered from head to toe in biker tattoos. He has on his biker vest and his biker boots. I have my back to him but I can feel him looking at me as I get the last of my screaming children into the car. As I am trying to calm baby girl down and give her a bottle my thoughts are something like “He is going to kill me, take the baby to sell off and Lord only knows what he will do to my boys. Why is he standing there?  Fine If it’s a fight he wants bring it on”  I know my mind races but I will admit I am a big chicken and think the worst in most situations. What actually happened is this: I gave baby girl her bottle, the boys their juice and I could still feel his eyes on me. As I closed the car door and go to push the buggie back down to the return, this big biker guy comes over and says ” Hey let me get that for you. You have your hands full with them young ones. Keep your head up your doing great little momma.You have a fantastic day now ya hear”  All I could do was smile and say a quiet thank you. My mind was saying “Thank God I’m not going to die” 

I get in the Yukon and we dive home. My heart thankful for what had taken place.  These past few weeks I have dealt with my share of rude people.  I have been cussed at by neighbors as I wait to get the kids on and off the bus and been flipped off for driving the speed limit down the back road. Some people are just rude and mean.  Today God showed me not once but twice that their are still good kind people in this world. They come in all shapes, sizes, races, and genders. The older lady and biker guy didn’t have to help me but they did. They did in more ways than one. Not only did they help me with my kids but they helped me see not everyone down here is judgmental or hateful. I thank them for that. I know Walmart is famous for having a little bit of everything but who knew I would find just what I needed and not cost me a dime.  Kindness for free in the Walmart parking lot.
From our beautiful chaos to yours take time to smile at a stranger and offer your assistance if you can. You could be that positive difference in their day they need to make it through. 

Author: beautifulchaosmomma

I am a stay at home mom to 7 wonderfully crazy children. I have two biological children and my husband and I have adopted five little ones through foster care. Our children are 23, 20, 8, 7, 5, 5, and 3. I recently self published a book called Beautiful Chaos Our Story about Foster Care, Adoption, Faith, and Love. Pick up your copy today on Amazon or on my website at ❤️

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