Easy as Sunday Mornings….yeah right

Going to church on Sunday mornings has been part of our routine for many years.  My husband and I agree that our children need to be raised in church. We want them to know that God loves them and being in church is one of the best ways to do that. But man its hard some mornings, really hard.

Take this morning for example. I got up around 6 to insure I had plenty of time to get myself ready before the Littles got up. I managed to get in the shower and started to wash my hair before one of my little loves knocked on the door “Mommy is that you in the shower?”  I wanted to answer “No Im a ghost go away” but instead I said “Yes sweetie give mommy five more minutes please”  I quickly finished what had now turned into a quick shower, got dressed and headed downstairs. Once in the livingroom I was met by three pairs of eyes asking me “What took so long?” and “Mommy I am hungry when are we having breakfast?”  With the towel still wrapped around my head I started pouring cereal this mornings choice Coco puffs,  not a five star breakfast I know but it works and it was fast. I started getting the kids ready while my husband was in the shower. He made it down in time to help with the shoes.  And people say women take forever lol.   

We had four out of the five ready.  These four all have the same birth mom, which could explain why the four of them never  sleep passed 630…..never.  But our oldest three year old loves his sleep. So he was still in bed.  I don’t like waking him up. Normally he wakes up on his own around 9 or 930, but Sundays church starts at 9 so one of us normally has to wake him up.  He is not a happy camper if you wake him up, and today he reminded us of that.  I go get him and he immediately starts fussing about wanting back in his bed.   After a 30 minute battle we managed to get him fed and clothes on him.  We still had time to get to church on time.  We loaded the car and off we went.  Once again I am doing my makeup on the way there. Good thing the lights will be turned down low.

Once at the church it takes a few minutes to get everyone unloaded and to decide who is holding who’s hand to cross the parking lot.  We get inside and get everyone’s name tag and pick up tag.  Drop baby girl off in the nursery, our three year olds go to the toddler/pre kindergarten room, Wildman goes to the pre-kindergarten/ kindergarten  classroom, and diva goes off to her class no problem.   I stay with JR for a few minutes because the aid for the room was running late and had not got there. After ten minutes or so I was able to going my husband in the sanctuary. 

The gust speaker was great, the music was wonderful and very much needed, and in the background I could hear a cry every now and then from the children’s hall. Not completely sure if it was one of ours so I keep my phone out just in case I get the “come get your kid text”.  But we didn’t, not this week anyway. We made it through service and then came time to pick up the Littles.  That’s when all heck broke lose.  Baby girl was first , so I picked her up and carried her. Next was wild man, hubby got him because we were told he had jumped the gate and tried to escape but his teacher reassured me he done fine.  Diva was next and she didn’t want to come home, she likes hanging with girls her age so I had to have a small talk with her and she reluctantly came but only because she wanted some juice to drink when we got home.  Then the boys. Big Al was playing with a dinosaur, he loves dinosaurs, and he did not want to give it up.  Now back home we could have taken the toy with us to the car, got him in his seat, and then returned it. Yes he would have been screaming but at least he would have been screaming in the privacy of our vehicle.  Instead the teacher told him he had to leave it in the classroom. I looked at her after a few minutes and say, “I’m going to unlock the gate, after I have him take the dinosaur” she agreed.  He instantly starts screaming, not crying screaming. I then bend down to pick him up, mind you I still have baby girl and at this point wild man is starting to have a meltdown because the screaming hurts his ears. My husband has him and our other three year old.  We start walking towards the front of the church and that’s when diva starts in because no one is holding her hand and she feels left out. *Ugh*  By the time we get to the church doors we have three out of the five screaming.   The looks were coming from every direction, but we pushed forward. I thanked the man who held the door open so we could get out before the looks turned into comments.  I don’t need to be judged at this point.  We finally make it across the parking lot and to the car after what seemed to be forever.  I try to smile as people pass and give me that “You poor thing” look and on the other side I try to hold my tongue when others give me that “Control your kids this is a church” look.   They cried and screamed all the way home, thank goodness we live only 15 minutes out.  

The day did not go much better and I found myself questioning if it was even worth it. I mean seriously, is it?  I don’t do well with people judging me or my family. We get looks all the time when we are out, five under six years old people are going to know your there.  And then throw in one of wild man’s autisic meltdowns or a sleepy crying three year old or both I guarantee you will have every eye one on.  I hate fighting with then to get their “good clothes” on, I hate putting my makeup on in the car. So why do it??

Then I am reminded that Jesus said, “Bring the little children to me….” and I shake me head and sigh.  It’s not about the meltdowns, the screaming, the judgmental looks, it’s all about Jesus. I will not let a few judgmental looks, or screams, or looks, keep my kids from knowing how awesome our God is.  He loves us through all the tears all the looks and all the screaming.  The kids will not always be this small and it will not always be so hard. We will get through it, we will I have faith. It’s not about what happens after service is over its about who we serve.  I am sure many of those that looked at us went through the same thing with their kids when they were younger. Only difference is we have five at that age.  God’s got this. He made a way for us to be their forever family and we will make sure they know of His love, even if Sunday morning are hard sometimes.

From our beautiful chaos to yours they are only little once, it’s okay if the cry or even scream sometimes. Before long you will miss them being so small.  God’s got this let Him carry you through the not so easy moments of life

Author: beautifulchaosmomma

I am a stay at home mom to 7 wonderfully crazy children. I have two biological children and my husband and I have adopted five little ones through foster care. Our children are 23, 20, 8, 7, 5, 5, and 3. I recently self published a book called Beautiful Chaos Our Story about Foster Care, Adoption, Faith, and Love. Pick up your copy today on Amazon or on my website at beautifulchaosmomma.com ❤️

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