Tired of all the negativity 

For months we have watched as our nation elected a new leader. For months there has been name calling, accusations thrown, private conversations made public, and a large he said she said he said game played out in front of us all. It was in the papers, on the news, and all over social media.  Over the weekend our 45th President was sworn in and yet the negative vibes are still consuming everything we see.   I for one am tired of it. 

I was raised in a small town and was taught early on not to discuss politics.  So I don’t plan on discussing them now. What I do want to say is this:  I get that this has been the craziest election in my life.  I have never seen so much hate spread and not by the politicians, I’m talking everyday normal person like you and me.  Like it or not Trump is not our President. I don’t understand those that are screaming “He is not my president”. If you live in America he is your president at least for the next four years. Do you and I have to like him? No but as Americans we need to respect his position and respect his office and respect our flag.  This is not a “I’m for Trump post” or a “America should have voted for Clinton post”. It’s a I’m tired of all the negativity post. Can’t we all just love each other?

I am a female. I am in my early 40’s. And I am a Christian. I was taught to love not judge.  I do believe in God, I believe Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary and I also believe he died for our sins.  With that being said I also believe He wants us to love others.  I have friends that are straight I also have friends that are gay and some that are bisexual. I have white friends and black friends. I have guy friends and female friends. I even have republican friends and democrat friends. And guess what? It’s okay.  I am in no place to judge anyone for how they feel or for who they love or for the color of their skin or even who they voted for.  None of that matters to me. 

I had a pastor a few years back that use to say “Count it all joy”. And that’s exactly what I try to do.  Instead of hating and being nasty to each other why not try praying for each other and supporting each other.  If someone buys a new car be happy for them, if someone adopts a baby (or 5) be happy for them, if someone gets a new job or a promotion celebrate with them. God blesses us all in different ways. Rejoice in that.  We tend to be an “It’s all about me  society”. We wish we were able to buy the new car, we get jealous of others who have or adopt a new baby, we get mad that someone else receives a promotion when we think it should have been us.  Jesus does not want us to be jealous or negative towards others, He teaches us to love not only the least of us but all of us and even love ourselves.  

I have half of my friends excited that Trump plans on “Making America Great Again” while the other half is angry and scared of what may happen. I also have friends that were sad to see Obama leave office while still others could not wait to see him gone.  We are a nation divided by our differences right now. I am not asking anyone to give up on what they believe I’m just asking to stop spreading the hate.
We may not all agree Trump will do what is right. We may not all agree he was the best choice but He is our new leader. We need to pray for him and the others that have taken office.  This is our nation if we continue to tear each other apart, and hate on each other and destroy properties and start riots we will never find peace.   God is still God it does not matter who is in the White House.  If we choose to wake up in the mornings and make a positive difference in at least one persons life and then that person does something positive for someone else then we have made a move in the right direction.  We are not going to please everyone all the time, but we can please some; some of the time.   

Let’s try to remove all the negativity in our lives. Let’s be kind to each other, smile at a stranger, laugh with an old friend, and share the love of Jesus to others.  If God closes a door, keep it closed. God saw that you are struggling and decided to remove the temptation or drama or the fear. It may not be easy to walk away and not understand why? But maybe just maybe God knows His plans are far greater than your plans so just move on.  We don’t have to be negative about it or about anything for that matter. Life is to short to waste on should of, could of, would of’s.   Go out and be the light in all of the negative darkness.
From our beautiful chaos to yours be kind to one another.  God has big plans for those who are His light in the dark negative world.   

Author: beautifulchaosmomma

I am a stay at home mom to 7 wonderfully crazy children. I have two biological children and my husband and I have adopted five little ones through foster care. Our children are 23, 20, 8, 7, 5, 5, and 3. I recently self published a book called Beautiful Chaos Our Story about Foster Care, Adoption, Faith, and Love. Pick up your copy today on Amazon or on my website at beautifulchaosmomma.com ❤️

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