thank you

When I started this blog the thought of anyone besides my family reading it never crossed my mind. Heck, I was not sure my family would even read it.  I’m not a writer, or poet, I’ve not traveled the world, or dined with celebrities. To many I am boring.   I’m a mom.  I just needed a place to escape to every now and then while my beautiful children run a muck.  After a few months I decided to set a goal of 50 followers, not counting my friends and family on FB, just to see if I could actually get 50 people not related to our chaos to follow us along our journey.  Today, I am excited to say we hit that mark.  So thank you!!!!! It may not be huge to some , but to this mom it’s everything. Thank you for allowing me to share our story with you. Thank you for reading and commenting along the way.  Thank you for show this mom that its never to late to chase your dreams.  Next Goal 100 Hope to see you there!!

Author: beautifulchaosmomma

I am a stay at home mom to 7 wonderfully crazy children. I have two biological children and my husband and I have adopted five little ones through foster care. Our children are 23, 20, 8, 7, 5, 5, and 3. I recently self published a book called Beautiful Chaos Our Story about Foster Care, Adoption, Faith, and Love. Pick up your copy today on Amazon or on my website at ❤️

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